OpenStreetMap are nevoie de fonduri suplimentare

OpenStreetMap, unul dintre brandurile folosite de SafeFleet pentru afisarea hartilor, un concurent redutabil al Google Maps si Navteq Maps, cere o donatie pentru sprijinirea proiectului lor de harti online completate cu ajutorul utilizatorilor inregistrati. Sistemul pe care se bazeaza Google Maps este asemanator cu cel al Wikipedia, acela de user generated content si numara acum 500.000 de utilizatori inregistrati ce au contribuit si contribuie mai departe la imbunatatirea hartilor.


OpenStreetMap is growing fast. We’ve recently welcomed our 500,000th signed up user, and we’ve logged our 10.000.000 th update to the map. Over the next few weeks we’re running a fund-raising drive while we invest in server infrastructure to improve reliability and performance of OpenStreetMap. If you’d like to support the project in this way, or you know anybody else who would like to give OSMers an early Christmas present, visit our fund raising site.

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